Limu Moui

A wellness drink with Fucoidan

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As independent distributors of Original Limu, we love to share this incredible product. The main ingredient, fucoidan, comes from the sea plant Limu Moui in the beautiful, pristine South Pacific waters of the Tongan Islands. Please visit our Original Limu web site by clicking on the image above.

Crystal Clean Water

waterlily-is your water this clean and pure?

Visit our pure water page for options on a variety of water filters and water filtration systems.



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We are located in the Southeast Texas town of Friendswood. Dr. Joe and Dr. Linda offer their services throughout Galveston County and Harris County and many of their clients come from League City, Webster, Seabrook and Clear Lake (Southeast Houston) Texas though they have clients and friends from all over the country.

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Dr. Joe gives a FREE 15 minute consultation. You could also schedule your First Visit with Dr. Joe immediately following your Free Consult. Allow for an hour. The charge for First Visit is $200.00. Your Report of Findings will usually be scheduled two days later (no weekend appointments) and at this time, he continues to allow this ROF appointment which is at least one hour, at no extra charge. All therapies are $75.00. Your first visit we give you a $15 discount. Your first visit you will also be paying a one-time, life-time $10 fee that will consummate the Private Medical Membership Association contract that you will sign before you are seen by the Doctor Joe or Doctor Linda. You will need to print out, fill out and bring in the New Patient Paperwork Package on your first visit. If this is not possible, you may arrive 30 minutes early to fill it out in our clinic. The Doctor and his other patients and even you will appreciate this action as it will help to expedite your appointment with Dr. Joe. God is our Boss. This is His business. He is in charge of our checkbook and our appointment book and we punch the clock for God every day...literally! We look forward to helping you the way He would have us help you.