Limu Moui

A wellness drink with Fucoidan

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As independent distributors of Original Limu, we love to share this incredible product. The main ingredient, fucoidan, comes from the sea plant Limu Moui in the beautiful, pristine South Pacific waters of the Tongan Islands. Please visit our Original Limu web site by clicking on the image above.

Some say fucoidan-rich limu moui is the greatest discovery since penicillin. There are well over 900 published studies found at the U.S. National Library of Medicine's web site.

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Join us each week for information, amazing testimony and samples of this incredible gift from the sea. Some say fucoidan-rich limu moui is the greatest discovery since penicillin.

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No need for harsh chemicals that clog your washing machine, virtually spot-free dishes – without spot removers in your dishwasher, virtually spot-free windows, mirrors, crystal, etc., reduced soap-scum on shower walls, shower curtain, tubs, sinks, reduces need for conditioners and expensive shampoos.
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Cleaner piping and fixtures reducing calcium deposits in washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, coffee maker, faucets, fixtures, garbage disposals, ice makers, showerheads, toilets, lavatories, tubs.


Less soap is needed and allows the use of pure soaps, longer lasting clothes, longer lasting water using appliances, more efficient water heater, bottled water purchases not needed, expensive, cumbersome filters not needed.
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A hydrated body carries nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies to internal organs, helps control weight, aids digestion and elimination, helps eliminate man-made contaminates and other impurities, improves the flavor and appearance of foods and beverages, reduces need for lotions and medications.


Less scrubbing, saves time and energy, saves about one hour out of every three hours of cleaning could save you as much as 40 hours of cleaning per year, everything stays cleaner longer.

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Filtered water for your entire home. Installed by licensed plumbers on a secure platform or partially buried for stability. Quite inconspicuous at the side or back of your home.

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